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Huge Commissions, Highly Trusted Brand, High Converting Funnel.



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Why You’ll Make More Money With The HOTH


  • Massive Payouts Means More Cash In Your Pocket

    Other companies offer significantly less in commissions because they don’t understand the value of Affiliate Partners. We know how much work it takes as an affiliate, so we want you to be rewarded. With up to 70% commission, you can make hundreds of dollars for each sale which is worth your time. And the best part is that our products are awesome, so there won’t be the high rate of returns that many other products have. We also kept our prices the same, so you are not selling against us, but instead alongside us.

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  • the-hoth-brand
  • The Fastest Growing Brand in SEO

    Why do you care about branding as an affiliate? Simple. Because people buy from brands they trust. Besides having a cute mascot and great graphic design, we put a lot of strategy, time and money into building our brand. We present at and attend major industry conferences. We contribute to leading publications. And we buy media to expand brand awareness. As a result, we’re the fastest growing brand in the space, and one whose conversions will continue to increase.



  • High Converting Funnel

    Our funnel has been perfected over the last 3 years and we have run over $200,000 of paid traffic through it profitably. We’re constantly testing to make sure it converts!

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  • Our Customer Service Obsession Makes You Look Good

    If you have a long time audience, each product recommendation helps or hurts your relationship with them. We are obsessed with delivering “WOW” experiences – aka HOTHing. With every order, every customer service interaction, every support request, our goal is to HOTH our customers. As a result, we’ll make you look good for referring telling your audience about us.



  • Partnering with JVZoo Means You Are Guaranteed To Get Paid

    By using JVzoo as our partner, you have the peace of mind knowing you will get paid. There are no crazy hoops to jump through and you can see upfront exactly what each product lists for and pays out. With our incredible products and JVZoo’s reliable platform, there is no risk – When you send us customers, you get paid. It’s easy.

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